Mission Ridge Range and Academy: What You Need to Know

For all those interested in guns and shooting, or those just wanting to learn more and get into it, San Antonio is getting a brand new state-of-the-art shooting and training facility.  As many of you know, in addition to farm and ranch real estate I also own and manage a commercial whitetail deer hunting operation in South Texas called Trinity Ranch.  So, I am beyond excited to announce that Trinity Ranch has formed a corporate partnership with Mission Ridge Range and Academy, which will allow us to do some cross promoting, special events and much more.

I’ll tell you more about the partnership in a moment, but first I HAVE to tell you what this awesome new facility will have in store. It’s located about half a mile west of NW Military on 1604, and will be a First Class indoor gun range and shooting facility – including a 100 yard indoor rifle range! Opening Summer 2017, it is locally owned and operated by father-son duo: Jim and Mike Gilley.

Mission Ridge will offer archery equipment and instruction, conduct classroom training, seminars, and concealed carry courses, as well as a host of other educational resources. They’ll even have a state-of-the-art simulator you can rent out, either to prepare for different combat scenarios, or just for fun.

Of course, they will be a full scale gun store with a full time gunsmith to handle all your cleaning and repair needs. Mission Ridge will provide different levels of memberships, with the higher level encompassing a VIP section which includes lounge space, locker space for gun storage, and private shooting lanes.

Did I mention there’s a 100 yard indoor rifle range?

Hopefully, throughout the facility you will notice Trinity Ranch deer mounts, art, signage and more. We will have the privilege of offering exclusive deals to Mission Ridge staff and patrons, all in order to further the cause of promoting hunting and shooting education in and around San Antonio. This is a mission we support and believe in 100%… and we know this Mission will do great things!

Anyone looking for more info can contact me, or go to their website: http://missionridgerange.com

Now, who’s ready to bring out the artillery?